Popingays : Who are we ?

Popingays is a French alt-rock association based in Paris. For 15 years we’ve been organizing heartful and packed indie-rock parties and gigs in Paris.

Over the years, our guests have included Le Tigre (for their very first concert in Paris), The Hidden Cameras, The Organ, Sleater-Kinney, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Robots in Disguise, Love is All, Modernaire, Cold Cave… and of course more local bands, in various cool places, such as Point Ephémère.

We are a LGBT group that is open to everyone because focused on good music and fun first… As teenagers, we listened to The Smiths, Jesus and Mary Chain and Joy Division while gay Paris was still euro-trash ! We are also friends with other European LGBT indie music groups, such as London Calling in Berlin, DJing in their events and welcoming them as DJs in ours.

For lack time to manage this website’s content in both French and English, we have posted this short message to give you a taste of who we are. Whether you’re an artist, artist manager, record company representative, LGBT group or indie pop rock electro lover, please feel free to leave us a message below to get more information. We are delighted to reply and consider any new music project and friendship.